boxed:IN - assemblage art workshop

facilitator: pablo von lichtenberg

Assemblages are three-dimensional collages, often constructed of found objects. The origin of this art form dates to the cubist constructions of Pablo Picasso, while the origin of the word in its artistic sense can be traced back to the early 1950s. Jean Dubuffet then created “assemblages d'empreintes,”a series of collages using butterfly wings.


Pablo von Lichtenberg is a Berlin based artist who splits his time between Berlin & San Fidel. In this workshop entitled “boxed:IN ”, he will discuss the background about assemblage art over the years and facilitate while you create your own piece in the spirit of Joseph Cornell. You will be exposed to various skills including image transfer, compositional layout, and construction and adhesive methods. Participants will be expected to create an assemblage using a box and materials made available to them, employing at least one element of image transfer. This workshop includes all materials.

Completed assemblages will be eligible for the annual Boxed:IN exhibition in San Fidel at Gallery 66.   Additional exhibition opportunities may be offered at other participating venues.


Artists who need accommodations during the workshop should contact us directly for availability and prices.


artist statement


In my works, which I call RASA (Recycled Artifacts as Structural Assemblage), I have chosen to concentrate on incorporating the elements of collage and the freedom of assemblage with the expression of my own creative instinct.


By substituting the conventional paint brush and canvas for the structural diversity of various found objects, normally viewed as trash, I set out to create an organized and aesthetically pleasing combination of artifacts from modern civilization. Through this process I am able to offer the viewer a new look at the elements themselves, as well as to profile society as a whole.


The resulting combination of materials affords the viewer the opportunity to see the refuse of our society in a new light. They are no longer only seen as mass-produced items, which have been consumed and then wastefully discarded.


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course information:

time: 3 days, 3 hour session in the mornings and again in the afternoons 
level: beginner to advanced
participants: minimum 2, maximum 6
cost: $375, which includes all materials, paints, etc. and also includes full room & board for 2 nights plus a plein air excursion.


Workshop only fees available upon request.

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