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white cube residency / new mexico


Each year Annex:art offers its White Cube Residency in San Fidel, New Mexico. This short-term, sponsored residency program is being offered in cooperation with Gallery 66, located in the historic Acoma Curio Shop. The program is open to creative individuals working in any genre, including visual art, music and literature.


Residencies for this program are available for a minimum of 2 weeks, with a maximum of 4 weeks.


Dates:  August 1 - August 31 (annually)

Goals: To provide an emerging artist with a creative environment and studio space to complete a specific body of work to be exhibited to the general public upon completion. 


Criteria: The program seeks applications from artists who have a specific purpose or project to be completed during the residency and whose participation in an international program will benefit his/her current career goals and funding opportunities. The details of the project or specific purpose should be outlined in the artist's submission proposal.


The artist will be required to complete a project which can be achieved in the confines of the allotted white cube. The cube is a functional part of the interior of Gallery 66.  The basic requirement for this residency is to utilize the 8'x 8' structure as both the work space to create the work and the exhibition space to present it upon completion. 


The cube may be open to the public as a work in progress throughout the residency. The artist will be able to use both the interior space of the cube as well as the 4 exterior walls for the final presentation of the work. 


In addition to the work space, the selected artist will also receive living accommodations during the residency.

Eligibility: Artists must be 21 years old to participate and eligible to travel to and stay in the United States for the period of his/her residency. Priority is given to self-taught and emerging artists.  The artist must be able to articulate the purpose of the project. The proposal should include the relevance of the space to the proposed project.  The residency will be awarded to the individual who best creates a concept for the space available, both as the working environment and the final exhibition installation.


Venue: Art Oasis San Fidel is located in an off-the-beaten-path, historic ghost town approximately 45 minutes west of Albuquerque on the old Route 66 . Our rural high desert oasis / artist retreat offers artists the chance to kick back and reconnect with all things natural. The surrounding area offers an abundance of spiritual and creative energy for artists to tap into. The rich native culture and enchanting New Mexican surroundings ensure that the artist's stay will be an inspirational one.


Submission Fee: Each artist who wishes to submit a proposal for this residency program is required to pay a $45 non-refundable processing fee.


Submission Deadline:  July 15, 2019


For further information on this and other artist opportunities contact us at:

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