Artist Referral Project

As of now artists can begin earning reward points good toward any fees collected by Annex:art. The concept is simple. In order for Annex:art to cut back on advertising expenses and to invest those savings into providing better programming for emerging artists, we are looking to you to be our advertising agents. For every four artists that an artist refers to an open artist opportunity, the referring artist earns $100 credit toward any future fees due to Annex:art or it's partner venues. There is no limit as to the number of artists an artist can refer. The only requirement is that the referred artist must complete the submission process for a published opportunity. Additionally, the artist MUST place the name of the artist who made the referral in the "how did you hear about this opportunity?" box on the submission application.

Annex:art will keep track of the number of referrals made by each artist and once an artist reaches four referrals, a notice will be sent out via email. As soon an artist reaches the 4 referrals and has the $100 credit, Annex:art will begin to award the artist a $20 credit for each referral thereafter. The amount will continue to accrue until the artist redeems it for any fees due. The total can be used toward artist submission fees, self-directed residency fees, artist retreat costs or toward purchasing artwork at Gallery 66.

We wish to thank you in advance for helping us to make this project a mutually beneficial service.

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