Route 66 Art Wall & Mural Project

In order to create an artistic landmark on the old Route 66, Annex:art is erecting a 300 ft long art wall along its frontage to the epic roadway. The wall will contain sixty 8ft x 8ft sections for a total of 3840 SqFt of art surfaces adjacent to the historic Acoma Curio Shop. International volunteers from the Workaway project have been charged with the duty of constructing the wall in San Fidel. Once completed, artists will be invited to transform the surfaces into an open-air, drive by gallery. The wall will have two sides. The outer facade will be a "drive-by" gallery on Route 66. Whilst the inside facing sections will become an intricate part of the contiguous half-acre sculpture garden. This project will be listed with many of the websites dedicated to the preservation of Route 66, including the National Parks Services' website.

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