Annex:art is pleased to announce its call for artists to participate in the "Same, Same" exhibition. The idea for this exhibition was conceived and coordinated by Eli West as part of Annex:art's curator-in-residency program.  Each year two emerging curators are chosen to facilitate exhibitions of his/her choice. The shows are presented in Gallery 66 located in the historic Acoma Curio Shop located in San Fidel New Mexico.  


The exhibition is open to artists artists working in any discipline. Same/Same asks Artists to create two separate pieces focusing on a single subject, each presented in a different medium. The content of each piece is entirely up to the Artist so long as it is clearly the same subject in both works. Artists working across all mediums and in all stages of their career are encouraged to apply. There are no size limitations on pieces submitted. Both national and international artists are encouraged to apply.


The exhibition will be run for approximately a month with an opening reception April 20, 2018. The gallery will be open daily through the length of this exhibition. All pieces must be available for purchase. 


Annex:art will retain a 30% commission from all sold pieces during the length of the exhibition. 


Notification of acceptance will be sent out no later then March 31, 2018. Deadline for application is mid-night (MST) March 20, 2018. A $45 non-refundable application fee for up to 3 images is payable from all artists. Artists may submit more that 3 images for jury consideration.  There will be an additional fee of $5 per image for each image over three submitted.  


Artists whose works are chosen for the exhibition will be required to forward a current artist CV and a brief artist statement to Annex:art.  Shipping directions will be forwarded to the artists together with the notification of selection to the show. Artists are responsible for the cost of shipping their pieces or to drop the pieces off at the gallery itself beginning April 10.  All artwork must be at the gallery no later than April 15.


same / same exhibition:

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