As part of its ongoing mission, Annex:art works with international artists to coordinate self-funded and sponsored artist residency, as well as interim studio programs.  These programs are designed to enable the artist an opportunity to complete a project or specific body of work in one of our participating annex locations.


At present, the program is available at the Annex:art facilities in Havelland, Germany; San Fidel, New Mexico; and the picturesque Ardèche region of south-central France. Any artist interested in submitting a proposal for a residency or studio project is invited to do so. Parties who are interested in providing artist space or workshops in their location are invited to contact us regarding collaborative opportunities.


San Fidel, New Mexico

Our artist retreat and project is located approximately 50 minutes west of Albuquergue, New Mexico.  The project is situated in the heart of picturesque Cibola County. At this facility, Annex:art offers self-directed artist residencies for periods of 2 weeks to 3 months, longer residencies are possible should the artist wish to become a resident artist in San Fidel.


These facilities offer artists the opportunity to escape the hectic pace of urban living while relaxing and creating amidst the scenic vistas surrounding the artist compound. The amenities in San Fidel are varied and provide each artist with the choice of having his/her own private living work space or that of a shared communal studio and dormitory like accommodations. The cost of a self-funded residency with space galore costs $375 per week ($850 per month) and includes a private room and shared bath with use of the kitchen and all facilities. Food and beverages are extra.


Artist who complete a residency in San Fidel are eligible to have a body of work displayed at our partner gallery: Gallery 66


Kleindorf Art - Germany

Located approximately 50 miles from Berlin, the facilities at Kleindorf Art offer a wide range of artist workshops. The programs are designed to bring as many artists from various mediums together in order to share ideas and techniques as well as build lasting contacts and a network of information for the participants.


T he broad Brandenburg sky and the meandering Havel River offer subtle, understated beauty at all times of the day. The large farmhouse, stables, barn and gardens allow each person plenty of space to unwind and reconnect with nature and hidden creative energies. Self-funded residencies cost €425 per week (1200 / month) private room with separate studio/workspace and private bath. Artist and yoga workshops are offered at regular intervals and cost €200 – 250. The workshops include a combined yoga and abstract painting workshop, which focuses on freeing creative energies through activation of the chakras.

La Maison Neuve - France

Located approximately 75 miles from Lyon, the facilities at La Maisonneuve des Issarteaux offer a breathtaking panorama of the lush countryside of Ardèche. The 18th century stone dwellings with their magical sloping terraces, surrounded by abundant wildflowers, ensure that the artists will be emerged in the beauty of the area.  These attributes lend themselves to the awe inspiring environment which has marveled and inspired plein air painters for centuries.

Additionally, nearby villages, meadow land and forests offer up even more profound subject matter to stimulate the artist's senses.  The time spent in La Maisonnueve will undoubtedly be a memorable experience that each and every participant will take with them and cherish for a lifetime.

These facilities, as are all of the venues of Annex:art, are available for independent 

plein air artist retreats



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