plein air weekend retreats

Each weekend artists are welcome to participate in one of our three plein air retreats. We are able to accommodate artists at Kleindorf-Art in Strodehne, Germany, La Maisonneuve in Ardèche, France or at our locations in San Fidel, New Mexico and Jonesport, Maine. This program is open to local and international artists who wish to enjoy the picturesque countryside surroundings in either of these three diverse places. Participants are encouraged to explore the natural beauty and idyllic villages of Havelland in Germany; Ardèche, France or to discover the abundant natural beauty of the high desert of New Mexico and the coastal charm of Downeast Maine.


All three places offer artists the opportunity to discover breath taking panoramas to serve as the backdrop to their creative process. The awe inspiring sky of northern Germany or in west-central New Mexico provides for a very pleasing light to augment the plein air encounter.  


Since there is no set itinerary for this program, artists are free to set out on foot, bicycle or by car to take in the magical ambiance of the rural settings.  A list of recommended spots for artists to capture suitable perspectives for the plein air experience will be available to the artists as well.


Artists will need to provide their own materials and equipment for this particular program.


The program will provide artists with room and board during their 2-night stay. Artists will also have the opportunity to meet and socialize with resident artists and other international travel guests at these venues. Evening campfires or simple conversations around the fireplace will enable guests to share their experiences and tips with one another. Fees: $125/person


Artists wishing to stay longer than the 2 nights or outside the Friday - Sunday plein air retreat are welcome to do so. Additional fees will apply and space is subject to availability.

Annex:art also offers its venues for independent artist groups to facilitate workshops and other art related activities.


For more complete information about this program please send an email with your inquiries to:

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