la maison neuve artist residency

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Annex:art is pleased to offer its annual La Maison Neuve Artist Residency, which takes place during the month of June. This residency program, which is being offered in cooperation with Sol 66, is located in the beautiful Ardèche region of south-central France - about 75 miles from Lyon, France. The residency program is open to creative individuals working in any genre, including visual art, music and literature.


Dates: June 1 - 30 (annually)

Goals: To provide artists with a creative environment and studio space to create a body of work or complete a project which may not be possible in their home studio; to enable each resident artist to exchange ideas and creative energy with other international artists and visitors to La Maisonneuve des Issarteux . (more)


Criteria: The program seeks applications from artists who have a specific purpose or project to be completed during the residency and whose participation in an international program will benefit his/her current career goals and funding opportunities.


The details of the project or specific purpose should be outlined in the artist's application submission. This program will provide time and space for at least two weeks of residency (and up to one month of residency). Other residency programs are available in San Fidel, New Mexico & Havelland, Germany. (more)

Eligibility: International artists must be 21 years old to participate and eligible to travel to and stay in France for the period of his/her residency. Priority is given to artists from outside of France.


Venue: La Maisonneuve des Issarteux is located in a picturesque Ardèche region of south-central France.  The facilities are nestled between the historic villages of Desaignes and Lamastre. Transportation can be easily arranged from Lyon. Our rural guesthouse / artist retreat offers artists the chance to kick back and reconnect with all things natural.  The plein air elements of this venue are the primary focus of this residency. The sloping garden terrace areas of the this renovated 18th century country home offer a magical & whimsical setting to augment the creative process. 


Fee: The cost of a self-funded residency with space galore costs €375 per week and includes a private room and shared bath with use of the kitchen and other common area facilities. Food and beverages are extra.


Availability: 2, 3 & 4 week residencies

from June 1 - June 30 (annually) 

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